The Explination of Ranks

March 11, 2008

(( If there is a blank, or short explination, I have not gotten time to properly fill in this area. Give me time, I will get it done…))

  Translation of Ranks:

Svit-Kona — The formal honorific for an elf woman of great wisdom. This is the Lady of Power, the ruler of the guild, for only a woman may hold the Blödhren. This is the Lady of Wisdom, a woman of great power, and fairness. She is the epitome of beauty and caring. She loves the Blödhren more then she loves anything. She is a faithful follower of the Goddess. She is the singular leader of the Blödhren, the Finiarel Vor and the Counsel are there only to provide guidance for her. If battle arrives, it is she only who leads them, from her steed. She is a master of all forms of battle, as well as being a brilliant strategist and spirited commander. Jasamine, herself, prefers two matching scimitars and a hard-pull longbow.

Finiarel Vor — Broken up “Finiarel” being an honorific of a young man of great promise. “Vor” being an honorific for a close friend. He is the Second-in-Command of the guild, but he is also the lover of the Svit-Kona and her partner. However, simply being a lover of the Svit-Kona does not make a man the Finiarel Vor. The Lady make take any man she wishes, at any time, to her bed; for she belongs to no man, and is ruled by no man. The Lady is ruled only by the Goddess, and by her own power. The Finiarel Vor is simply the pair-bond of the Lady. The “husband” of the Lady. He answers only to the Lady and to the Goddess, and commands the Brisingr always, but only the Adurna on occasion, when given express permission from the Svit-Kona. A man is never the natural commander of a woman, for the Goddess rules over all the world, with her power to give life; a power she passed on to the wombs of women. He is the Second-in-Command.

Adurna — “Water.” It refers to the time of year when the rain in the elvish forests is caught by the sun just right to make it appear as though crystal diamonds are falling from the sky. These are the Lady’s closest friends, those that the Svit-Kona trusts the most. They make up a part of her highest Council. These women make also make up part of the Lady’s guard as well, her fiercest protectors, most being skilled with a bow above all other weapons. These women are the Third in Command of the Blödhren, though to most it would seem that they and the Finiarel Vor have an equal footing. They stand over the Brisingr, and the rest of the ranks of the Blödhren.



Evarínya – These woman are the rank just below the Brisingr and Adurna. They are those in training for battle, though they are more experienced then the Dauthlier.



Dauthlier — The beginning ladies of the guild. These are the young women who are still training in the ways of the Goddess and the Blodhren. They are the lowest rank an elven woman can hold in the Blodhren



Brisingr — Fire. It refers to the time of day when the sun is just about to sink below the horizon and it makes the entire sky look red and orange the entire world seeming to be in a blaze. These are the Lady and her Finiarel Vor’s male advisors, close to the Lady and her pair-bond. The Lady has been known to, in the past, take lovers from this group, as they are her knights and protectors and she spends a great deal of time in their company. However, usually the Brisingr are paired with an Adurna, a woman of equal standing in the Blödhren.



Vodhr — a male honorific of middling praise



Knurlagn — The lowest rank a male elf can have in the Blodhren.



Vinr Alfakyn — Elf friend, other race highest. Counsel member



Eka Fricai — A friend, other race lowest.